darkResource shows you how to improve your marketing, advertising, and internal communications. For free. You have nothing to lose.

This is possible because we have addressed intellectual property in a radical new way.

We retain ownership of any ideas you do not buy.

There are no long-term financial commitments. Costs are project based, agreed in advance with no surprises.

With darkResource you buy ideas–not a process. And we can then execute those ideas for less than an agency would charge.

There is now more creative talent outside of agencies than within them. We are how you tap that resource.

The darkResource database includes people with all the skills contained within agencies and all those they outsource.

Unlimited creative firepower at your command.

Our teams are based on your marketing needs. And nothing else.

We are not freelancers who get paid for success or failure. Or unprofessional crowdsourcers who broadcast your brief. We are carefully selected and managed teams guided by top-class strategists.

darkResource offers a revolutionary new option in how marketers buy strategic and creative thinking.

We attract the most inventive, collaborative minds. Those who find the old way of working to be neither.

We live and work in the cloud so our overhead is minuscule. You’ll no longer pay for any unnecessary agency processes or unseen agency amenities, bloated executive perks or the pomp and circumstance with which the industry has surrounded itself.

darkResource is the first common-sense, no-risk option.

Swift, adaptable, affordable and highly creative across all media, darkResource may just be the start of the post-agency era.

We create the ideas you need when you need them. You own what you buy, we own what you don’t.

darkResource is perfect for closely held product launch preparation, comparative testing as well as ongoing campaigns.

No pitches. No lengthy process. No financial commitment. Like it or not, we’ll change the way you see ideas.

darkResource is radically new. Its leaders are not.

Dave Tutin and Steve Kraftsow are experienced creative talents from the agency world and the production/design world.

They are proven idea generators and highly effective managers of creative talent who share a dislike for the status quo, having seen too many good ideas die for bad reasons.

darkResource is their vision.

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We analyze your marketing challenge. We create the ideal world-class team.

We share our thinking for free.

You buy what you like. We retain ownership of what you do not buy.

darkResource is only paid for success. Nothing is wasted on process.

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